Looking back on winter

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From December to March

Winter is a nice time to curl up behind the computer. Inside it is pleasantly warm, especially after a brisk morning walk. The garden is quiet and requires little maintenance. All the time to generate image after image on my favorite AI platform NightCafe. Sometimes fanciful prompts that take you to faraway places in the past, future, film or literature. Sometimes realistic prompts to recreate the here and now.

Meanwhile, it's spring in full swing. That seemed like a good opportunity to list the most beautiful winter scenes.

Top 2000

The first week of December starts with the election of the top 2000, which is broadcast in full on radio2 in the last week of December. Hit after hit comes by on our radio (which is always on) and I spent many credits trying out 'title+pop artist' in the style of my favorite illustrators when another gem of a song aired. Above, 'Winter in America' by Doug Ashdown, which gives a 1950s view of winter conditions in the US. Below 'Winter in Hamburg' by the Frank Boeijen Groep, for a European counterpart. The old fashioned carriages are caused by 'Arthur Rackham' in my choice of style.

Christmas scenes

Every year we hope for a white Christmas, just like the Bing Crosby song. To get into a fairytale atmosphere I asked for 'trolls and goblins' who set up a Christmas tree. The tree clearly succeeded, but what these creatures must look like remains a mystery. Or are the neighborhood boys trolling?

Other sagas made us think of the far north and Norse mythology. We asked for the witches and wizards of old, the 'völva and seiðr' in cat fur from pre-Christian times. The influence of Jean-Baptiste Monge in my choice of style is clearly noticeable in the drawn fur coats.


At our house we have seen little bits of snow that make us long for more. More winter. (Less climate change?) From time to time we therefore create winter landscapes to dream away. Meanwhile, we also experiment with the artists in our style mix.

Although they show us gloomy days with poor visibility and little light, we still long to travel - in our thoughts - and throw snowballs and slide on the ice ourselves. Fortunately, we got a few more ice days at home in January.


From fantasy, to realism, to surrealism. The wintry days lend themselves perfectly to philosophizing visually about the nature of 'time'. Can it get cold enough to stop time?


With the real cold already out of the blue, we have to turn to TV, PC and video to satisfy our craving for snow and ice. How about Game of Thrones, where 'Winter is coming'.

And when that winter finally arrives, hide away, because then the Night King and his entire retinue of white walkers will come out of his cold hiding place. Below he bears no resemblance to the characters from the TV series, but is terrifying enough.

End of winter

We can't get around it, winter came and winter went. But don't worry, because the end of winter is also the beginning of spring. We are going to enjoy the flowers, the birds and the bees again. This will provide food for thought for many new generated images.

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