Who is Harmanna

Harmanna by AI

I asked several AI algorithms what it thought of 'Harmanna'. As a fairly rare Northern Dutch name, it is a big question mark for the English-trained algorithms. As long as you don't put them on the right track with a clue like 'do a portrait', they'll just start guessing. A small village in southern Europe? A dish? Ancient rock carvings? Or does it have to do something with the letters themselves? This page shows an attempt by a number of algorithms to make sense of the 'Harmanna' prompt.

Make something

Give me something to create with and I'll get to work. Pencil and paper and I'll draw, add a pen and I'll write; give me clay and I will model; give me rope and I'll tie a tapestry; give me a garden and I will build a paradise; give me a house and I will furnish it (to my own taste). Give me a computer, and I can no longer choose whether I want to program, draw or write, or design a game instead. Give me a website editor and I want to get started - only for a very long time I didn't know what the content should be about. Much of what I do I can do quite well without one talent that really stands out. I think my strength lies in combining as many skills as possible.


Some thirty years ago I got my degree in Computer Science, since then I have been an Master of Science (Msc.). My main subject was Neural Networks. My secondary subjects focused on Computer Graphics. At the time I couldn't think of how those two directions have come together in recent years - I'm clearly not a visionary - but now I've finally found the thing where I can put all my knowledge and skills into: AI-generated images.

AI algoritmes

In the meantime, there are already several providers of trained neural networks that anyone can use. DALL-E, Midjourney, different versions of the Stable algorithm, I'm going to try them all. In the blog I want to keep everyone informed about my experiments - for entertainment and education.

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