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Music is an endless source of inspiration for me and many with me. I regularly prompt the AI <composer + title> in my favorite style to turn this inspiration into images.

A piece of music that everyone will recognize, even if they don't like classical music, is 'The Four Seasons' by Vivaldi. They are four compositions strung together, naturally called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

the Four Seasons

In these works I chose to emphasize the watercolor style, because I thought it suited the subject. In this case, the prompt started like this: "Spring inspired by the four seasons by Vivaldi, loose impressionist aquarel painterly...".

But I also remain a lover of small details, which sometimes clashes with the watercolor genre, so the prompt also stated "... intricately detailed, maximalist, volumetric lighting, splash art, hyperdetailed elaborate 8K 3D, complex"


Vivaldi (probably self) wrote four sonnets to his music in 1725, each stanza giving directions for the musical performance, but this AI is not trained for that. I was curious whether the atmosphere of these poems would return in the works. I translated them (not rhyming) from Italian with the help of another AI, namely Google Translate, because I don't speak Italian. Judge for yourself.


Vivaldi's Lente

Spring has come and festively
the birds greet her with a merry song,
The streams flow through the gentle breeze
With lovely murmur. Meanwhile clouds stream in:
cover the sky with a black cloak
Lightning and thunder proclaim Spring,
Then, when they are silent again, the birds;
they resume their enchanting song:

( Largo)
And then on the lovely flower meadow
Under the pleasant rustle of leaves
Sleeps the goatherd beside his faithful dog.

(Allegro mandolin concerto)
To the merry shepherd's song from the bagpipes
dance nymphs and shepherds in sweet foliage
of Spring's brilliant appearance.


Vivaldi's Zomer

(Allegro non molto)
Under the scorching season of the high sun
the man languishes, the flock languishes and the pine tree burns;
The voice of the cuckoo dissolves, quick of understanding
Still sings the dove and the chaffinch
A gentle breeze brings movement, but deviates
suddenly North and blows them aside
And the shepherd shivers, why not,
honestly fearing the storm, and his fate;

(Adagio e piano - Presto e forte)
It deprives his weary legs of rest,
that fear of lightning and fierce thunder
And the mosquitoes, the flies, they buzz furiously!

Ah, that alas your fears are true
The heavens thunder with lightning and hail
Decapitating the wheat and damaging the grain.


Vivaldi's Herfst

The peasants celebrate with dance and song
The feast of the happy harvest
And by the drink of Bacchus intoxicated
they fall asleep enjoying themselves.

(Adagio molto)
Let the dancing and singing die down
The air is pleasantly cool,
The season invites everyone to carefree sleep
After all the enjoyment

Hunters at the new dawn on the hunt
With horns, shotguns and dogs out
The prey flees and they follow the trail;
Already overwhelmed by the great noise
of guns and dogs it gets wounded
Exhausted from fleeing, it loses out.


Vivaldi's Winter

(Allegro non motto)
Chilled trembling in the icy snow
At the stern breathing of a terrible wind,
Running every moment stomping your feet;
Teeth chattering from extreme cold;

Before the fire to pass peaceful,
Contented days while the rain outside pours down.

We tread the ice carefully, and slowly,
for fear of tripping and falling;
Turn abruptly, slip, fall to the ground
Get up from the ice and run fast
before the ice breaks and opens;
We hear despite locked windows and doors
Sirocco, Borea and all the winds howling
This is the winter which, nevertheless, brings its own delight.

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